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   The Bobbie Haynes Circle is currently comprised of about twenty women who share common interests in the church and community and enjoy the fellowship of other Christian women.  The Circle meets monthly from September through May in homes of the members.  Monthly programs are varied and follow no prescribed agenda.  Programs focus generally on educational topics of interest, service to the community including contributions to the local homeless shelter, food pantries, and support and participation in church activities.  While aware of a social responsibility, the Bobbie Haynes Circle also provides an opportunity for social interaction with book reviews, flower exchanges, discussion and general tips and advice for daily living.


The Susie B. Stone Circle is a smaller group of ladies that meet on the second tuesday of each month at 2 p.m. in the activity room.  The circle's monthly programs vary from one meeting to the next.  Circle members gather to help one another grow as followers of Christ and members volunteer at church activities throughout the year.  



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