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One thing is certain. Regardless of who you are, You Are Welcome at Allen Memorial!


Allen Memorial is a congregation that is steeped in rich history, but we are just as focused on having a spot ready for you!  There are always activities taking place in and around the church, and you can be sure that the church will gather every Sunday for Sunday School and Morning Worship.


If you have a child, we have a fully staffed Nursery each Sunday, and for special events.  Please let us know if you are interested in having your children in our Nursery when you come and we will be glad to assist you. 


Parking is available surrounding the church campus.  There is also overflow parking available in the school lot located on the corner of Peirce and Haygood Streets diagonally across from the front of the church. 


We want you to feel welcome at Allen Memorial, so come as you are.  If you are wondering what people wear on Sunday Mornings?  Some worship in suits and ties.  We also have others who come in shorts and sandals.  Either way you are welcome at Allen Memorial.


If you have any questions about our congregations or events that we host please feel free to contact our church office.  We will be glad to help. 


We will see you Sunday!

Rev. Natalie Faulkner



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