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Weddings & Reception

We can host your Wedding and Reception! Thank you for your interest in using our church for your wedding and/or reception. Allen Memorial, with its stately columns, sweeping pews, and impressive organ, has become a favorite place for weddings in Newton County. From the moment the bride walks through leather doors to join her wedding party at the altar, the historic sanctuary makes the wedding as memorable as it is sacred. Photographs from every angle will include interesting architectural features in the background. The arrangement of the pews makes it suitable for the smallest wedding party, but is ample enough to accommodate much larger crowds.

Our reception hall is equally suitable for the festivities after the wedding. Lovern Hall is modern and well-lit, with high ceilings and a well-equipped kitchen. Inclement weather is no problem, as the trip from wedding to reception is completely covered. A sound system is available to help with music. It is only a short walk through double doors to the limousine that awaits you outside.

Please enjoy the pictures you see here, and imagine yourself on your special day. We hope you include Allen Memorial in your wedding plans.

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